OCZ announces AMD Opteron platform memory

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OCZ announces AMD Opteron platform memory

OCZ Technology Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality DDR memory for server applications, is pleased to announce the availability of memory designed and qualified for use with mainboards based on the AMD Opteron platform. “OCZ has qualified several memory modules for use with the Opteron platform. All qualified modules have gone through extensive testing and evaluation in order to ensure complete compatibility and stability. OCZ’s complete line of memory for the Opteron is as follows:

OCZS266256ER-OCZ DDR PC-2100/266mhz-ECC Registered/Server Series/256MB
OCZS266512ER-OCZ DDR PC-2100/266mhz-ECC Registered/Server Series/512MB
OCZS333256ER-OCZ DDR PC-2700/333mhz-ECC Registered/Server Series/256MB
OCZS333512ER-OCZ DDR PC-2700/333mhz-ECC Registered/Server Series/512MB”

Read the entire press release.