Interactive Pin-Mod Guide v1.1

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Interactive Pin-Mod Guide v1.1

A couple of weeks ago we ran a story informing you of OCInside’s interactive pin-mod guide for AMD AthlonXP processors, detailing exactly which pins need to be soldered in order to run the CPU at a number of different frequencies. Well, they’ve updated the guide to v1.1, which adds a number of new interesting features. “In this new version you’re able to select the looked-for Vcore and I’ve also optimized some scripts. As before you just have to select if you like to see the Pins under your CPU, the socket topside, or the PCB of the socket bottomside. Then select the CPU type (AMD XP, T-Bred or Barton) and select the multiplier or the Vcore you like to get. Immediately you’ll see which Pins you have to connect for this Vcore and multiplier.”

Check it out here.