Aquamark 3 Technical Document Released

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Aquamark 3 Technical Document Released

Today the AquaMark3 team at Massive Development published the second document full of information about the forthcoming benchmark AquaMark3. This issue goes deep into technical information and reveals a lot of the special features unique to the AquaMark3. “In the document you will learn about some of the innovative new features of AquaMark3:

– The ‘AquaMark3 Overdraw Visualisation Technique’ (OVIST)
– The ‘AquaMark3 Shader Visualisation Technique’ (SVIST)
– The ‘AquaMark3 Pixel Perfomance Measurment’ (PIXPM)
– The ‘AquaMark3 Tri Score System’ (TRISCORE)
– The ‘AquaMark3 Automated Test Technique’ (AUTT)

None of these features are currently available in any professional benchmark!”

The document can be downloaded here.