Albatron releases KX600 Pro KT600 Motherboard

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Albatron releases KX600 Pro KT600 Motherboard

Albatron recently launched its KX600 Pro motherboard, based on the KT600 chipset. The board includes all of the features we’ve come to expect from modern motherboards, including 6-channel audio, plenty of USB 2.0 ports, 3Com 10/100 LAN, etc. “This new board also supports AMD’s latest 0.13-micron processors capable of FSB400. This FSB allows the CPU to keep up with its high speed DDR400 counterpart. The KX600 Pro also provides enhanced multimedia performance with a 6 Channel Audio system and an AGP 8X interface. Finally, onboard LAN rounds out a very complete set of communications facilities.”

More information regarding Albatron’s products can be found here.