THG kills lawyer

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THG kills lawyer

Oh, my, we have just received word from our lawyer that the Supreme Court has upheld the “22 year old college kid defense” and all “22 year old college kids” are immune from prosecution. My lawyer also advises me that “22 year old college kids” don’t have much money, and he is still fighting my case against the “2 year old bed wetter.”

Be that as it may, the MML2 fiasco is now at an end. One of AMD’s PR people has called and agreed to broker a peace because, they’re as sick of it as we are.

In addition, we have enough reports in place to draw our own conclusions:

THG had never asked for, nor instructed, AMD PR that they wanted an “exclusive.” AMD PR was not at MML2, but more on that later. Seeing as the only media that had pre-booked to be at MML2 was THG, we were already exclusive. I repeat, we were the only ones who booked early to go. Simple enough. Who else were the sponsors supposed to be talking to? Had Mr. Shrout been a supporter of MML2, he would have no doubt had much better information beforehand, and probably could have organized things for himself.

Many times, I have gone to shows at the last minute and found myself unable to talk to certain companies because, they are booked, or have made other plans. They have pre-arranged viewings and briefings at the event, and that’s normal. They plan ahead to maximize their coverage. Simple enough.

So, AMD, being a multi-billion dollar company and capable of handling itself, wasn’t getting any help from us on figuring out their presence. THG didn’t have anything to do with that, and the notion that we can strongarm any company to shut out other press is ridiculous. Again, Damon Muzny at AMD PR made this clear to Mr. Shrout, and told him that it was a misunderstanding because, AMD didn’t even have a PR person at the event handling the situation. Perhaps if they did, there would not have been a problem with Mr. Shrout.

So, the funny thing is that the event was not even attended by AMD PR: it was AMD sales people there. And I’ll say it again, Damon Muzny at AMD PR told Mr. Shrout that there was no embargo, and it was a misunderstanding. And, Mr. Shrout was given access to the event with his camera and recording device, which agains beggars the question, who was stopping Mr. Shrout from exercising his rights?

Now, Mr. Shrout seems to have used this opportunity to take offense at AMD and throw in THG to hedge his bets, or because he didn’t get it, he hates THG, or whatever. AMD has assured me that they contacted him, and that it was a misunderstanding, but he did not listen to AMD PR.

Mr. Shrout chose not to listen to anyone, in fact, and although he was at the event, and participated at the AMD session, he took aim and fired. He called a THG editor an ass**** in print, and then retracted that statement. He made it seem as if AMD bowed to pressure from THG, and that was not true, and AMD has made that clear to Mr. Shrout. You’d think an AMD fan site would choose to believe AMD.

If Mr. Shrout had a personal problem with either the AMD representative or the THG editor at MML2 (and I have no idea whether he did, or not), this does not give him any right to accuse THG of strongarm tactics or of media blackouts. We have pointed out that of the three, THREE, online press at the event – THG, Sudhian, and Mr. Shrout – only Mr. Shrout seems to have experienced a problem.

He did not talk to THG management. He did talk to other sponsors and they categorically told him that there was no blackout, but Mr. Shrout chose to assume otherwise:

It turns out that Tom’s Hardware apparently has been pushing this media “black-out” themselves, and didn’t tell any of the sponsors of the event nor the LanWar staff.

This is from Mr. Shrout’s article. Now, how can THG push for a media blackout and not tell anyone about it, including sponsors and Lanwar staff? Who else was there to tell? Defies logic, but maybe THG now has mind control to add to its arsenal of weapons.

Frankly, I am offended that Mr. Shrout would assume that we are that disorganized that we would not tell the sponsors and the Lanwar staff that there was a media blackout. Seems obvious to me that they’d be the ones that would need to know.

Finally, had Mr. Shrout talked to the organizers he would have been told that I specifically advised them to get more press there. The more the merrier, the more coverage for the sponsors, and the more coverage of the event. They had television and radio there, and as much as they could muster for a 4 day LAN party in Kentucky.

Undoubtedly, there was a misunderstanding, but we’re done with the story. We’re done with Mr. Shrout, unless some peace is brokered, but with HardOCP involved, I’m not holding my breath.