TriCN Introduces GDDR-II Interface Technology

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TriCN Introduces GDDR-II Interface Technology

TriCN today announced the immediate availability of its GDDR-II (Graphics Double Data Rate) interface, the latest member of the company’s Interface-Specific I/O (ISI/O) product family. Based on the Stub Series Terminated Logic (SSTL)-18 interface spec, the GDDR-II interface represents the current generation of interfaces designed to handle I/O-intensive graphics applications. “TriCN’s GDDR-II provides 1 Gb/s operation, and supports selectable On Die Termination (ODT) schemes, allowing for backward compatibility with DDR-SDRAM. The product is fully compatible with the JEDEC GDDR-II spec and the DDRII-SDRAM spec.”

Read the entire press release.