XIII – Merrick and Rosso join the cast!

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XIII - Merrick and Rosso join the cast!

Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world’s top game publishers, rounded out its AAA cast of talent for its highly anticipated action-shooter, XIII, by signing hit comedians and Nova radio presenters Merrick Watts and Tim Ross AKA Merrick & Rosso. XIII (pronounced ‘Thirteen’) is an epic, conspiracy-driven thriller set in a highly stylized graphic-novel world and is scheduled to release on all game consoles as well as the PC, in late 2003. “Merrick & Rosso will lend their digital likeness to XIII, appearing in the game via a graphical style known as cel-shading. Their characters will not only resemble Merrick & Rosso but appear in a unique ‘pop art’ style similar to a comic book. Merrick & Rosso will appear as part of the enemy forces trying to stop the lead character XIII, and will also be playable characters in XIII’s exciting online and offline multiplayer modes.”

More information regarding XIII is available here.


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