DOOM 3 Playable Preview at QuakeCon 2003

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DOOM 3 Playable Preview at QuakeCon 2003

While the official release of Doom 3 won’t be until next year, id Software and Activision are going to be bringing the game to QuakeCon 2003! Keep in mind that this won’t be anything like the Doom 3 previews you’ve seen in the past, as this one is focused purely on the game’s multiplayer experience! “QuakeCon attendees will have the chance to play DOOM 3’s four-player Deathmatch on a level co-developed by id Software and U.K.-based developer Splash Damage, Ltd. Splash Damage has most recently worked with id Software on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and will be co-developing DOOM 3’s multiplayer levels.”

QuakeCon 2003 will be held in Dallas at the Adam’s Mark Hotel from Aug. 14 – 17, and you can be sure that THG will be at the event to cover all of the action!

Visit QuakeCon’s website here.