Largest CPL Ever

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Largest CPL Ever

The largest CPL event ever, The CPL Pentium 4 Processor Summer 2003 Championship, opens its doors to the general public this week. About 5,500 people from 65 countries (and all 50 States) have already registered to spend five days, in what has been called the ” ultimate gamer’s Nirvana.” “The event will host the largest Counter-Strike tournament ever, with over 800 competitors and $200,000 in cash prizes. It will also host one of the largest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) gatherings with over 1,000 computers, an exhibition area featuring companies like Intel, NVIDIA, CompUSA, Shuttle Computers, BAWLS, Plantronics, Ubi Soft, NetFire and others; and workshops hosted by Intel, NVIDIA and Gearbox Software (currently developing Halo for the PC). Additionally, a computer modification competition by the name of C3 (Consummate Computer Competition) is being sponsored by BAWLS Guarana.”

Visit The CPL’s website here.