InterVideo Announces DVD-Audio Support for WinDVD5

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InterVideo Announces DVD-Audio Support for WinDVD5

With hundreds of DVD-Audio titles available and thousands scheduled for release by the end of the year, InterVideo Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII) today announced the new optional DVD-Audio Pack for WinDVDR 5 Platinum and Gold editions. “In addition to supporting DVD-Video and DVD-Audio as well as VCD/SVCD/AudioCD playback, the DVD-Audio Pack automatically detects the DVD-Audio source so users can quickly and easily navigate the audio content to skip tracks, play music and access special audio disc menus. When used with DVD-Audio discs, the unique software enables users to access special features that have been added by the artists such as slide shows, browseable pictures, lyrics and bonus groups.”

Read the entire press release.