DX9 Pixel Shader Performance Examined

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DX9 Pixel Shader Performance Examined

Our friends over at Gamers Depot seem to have a knack for opening cans of worms and their latest article titled “Desktop GPU DX9 Showdown” has caught the attention of many. Here is a little snippet from their article:

“Who are we to argue with NVIDIA’s wishes? They’ve been insisting that synthetic benchmarks such as 3DMark 2003 don’t reflect actual game play – yesterday we took them up on that in the mobile space, and today we look at the desktop cards. Using a Beta build of Halo (version 1.5) and the newly released Tomb Raider Patch, we’ve been able to provide an early peak at Pixel Shader 2.0 performance – even 1.1 and 1.4 performance as well.”

In an effort to show that that they were not simply blowing smoke, they have a couple of quotes from John Carmack of id Software and Gabe Newell of Valve.

The article does ask a lot of good questions, and is worth checking out.

Read Desktop GPU DX9 Showdown here.