Microsoft’s XSN Sports Brand Grows to Include "RalliSport Challenge 2"

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Microsoft's XSN Sports Brand Grows to Include "RalliSport Challenge 2"

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that “RalliSport Challenge 2,” the highly anticipated second installment in the internationally acclaimed “RalliSport Challenge” franchise, will be the first Xbox racing title in the new XSN Sports brand. “The game is scheduled to be available in the spring of 2004. “RalliSport Challenge 2” joins other announced XSN Sports games shipping this fall, including “Amped 2,” “Links 2004,” “NBA Inside Drive 2004,” “NFL Fever 2004,” “NHL Rivals 2004” and “Top Spin .” “RalliSport Challenge 2″ is being developed by Digital Illusions CE.”

More information is available here.


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