Study Reveals Multiple Monitors Increases Productivity

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Study Reveals Multiple Monitors Increases Productivity

Multi-monitor computing can contribute to increased productivity and enhanced employee satisfaction among corporate users. NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America, Inc., ATI Technologies and the University of Utah, today released the results of the first ever systematic study of productivity increases across ordinary office tasks using multiple monitor configurations.

The study, entitled ‘Productivity and Multi-Screen Displays’ examines how multiple monitor configurations increase user productivity and usability. Multi-monitor computing is becoming an affordable and effective solution. Providing users with the ability to access more information and images simultaneously, multiple monitor configurations allow for more efficient multi-tasking between applications.

By enabling users to work between multiple applications and resolving the need to view and process a multitude of information sources simultaneously, multiple monitor configurations allow users to move and size a variety of information and images across any or all screens to increase productivity. Overall respondents in the study were 10 percent more productive using multiple monitor set ups.

Conducted throughout March and April 2003, the Productivity and Multi-Screen Displays study is based on the responses of one hundred and eight university and non university personnel, who participated in this comparison of single monitor and multi-monitor configurations.