SOYO Delivers Two Athlon64 Mobos

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SOYO Delivers Two Athlon64 Mobos

SOYO has rolled out a pair of motherboards for Athlon 64 processors with many embedded features, advanced technologies and overclocking capabilities. “SOYO has embedded Surround Sound capability and Gigabit LAN performance on the SY-K8USA. The embedded on board CMI 9739 hardware audio chipset provides a 6-channel audio solution for true Surround Sound effects. Gigabit LAN performance is achieved with VIA’s embedded VT6120 Giga LAN chip to provide 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet functionality. With networking bandwidth of 1 Gigabit, users can easily download MP3 and AVI data and distribute the information to locally networked PCs.”

Read the entire press release.