Prolink Announces GeForce FX5700 & 5700 Ultra

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Prolink Announces GeForce FX5700 & 5700 Ultra

PROLINK today announces its “PixelView GeForce FX5700 & 5700 Ultra”. “With the technology of World’s NO.1 Graphics card chipsets manufacturer-NVIDIA’s latest chipset- GeForce FX5700/5700 Ultra and PROLINK’s strong R&D team, PROLINK is now ready to present its revolutionary GeForce FX5700 & 5700 Ultra series along with world’s exclusive Plasma Display Fan (PDF )-The Super Cooling System with Blue Icy Crystal Displayer. This next generation cooling fan is based on the combination of LCD and LED in terms of providing the game enthusiasts the best technology of protecting and detecting their VGA card and PC system.”

Read the entire press release.