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Should robots have human rights?

The European Commission has been deliberating over a controversial move to give artificial intelligence and robots their own ‘human rights.’ This debate comes after the Commission has called for a 20-billion-euro investment into artificial intelligence.

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Terahertz Technology- Present and the Future

Terahertztechnology has been witnessing widespread adoption across various industries.This technology is expected to pave a path in developing innovative productsfor security, communications, detection, and several other sectors in the nearfuture. 

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The ultimate guide to crushing your fitness goals

Humans are lazy, especially in keeping up with unclear goals. The ability to persevere through the obstacles and difficulties that come with fitness goals depends, largely on how enthusiastic we are towards those particular goals. Set your fitness goals and make sure that they are goals that can be achieved. But how? Let’s find out.

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WealthTrace Review

It’s a fact of life that everyone has to retire one day. When that day comes, it’s important to have the right financial backing in

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6 Major Principles of Brand Management

If you have a business, whether you know it or not you’re engaging in brand management. Your brand is everything your customers know about you, and managing that brand involves making sure that what you’re communicating is what builds your business’s reputation.

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Why Choose a Bubbler?

Bubblers are very similar to regular pipes when it comes to ease of use and portability. The structure of a bubbler allows for glass blowers to use a lot of creativity. This is why glass bubblers are very popular among collectors

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