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Five Things Your Website Shouldn’t Do

Your website is integral to your business, and you’ve probably spent a lot of time on it. But what if your website annoys your visitors? You should avoid poor links and fancy excess Flash elements, but there’s more to it than that. Read on to learn more!

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Digital Consulting – Dreams and Realities

A recent survey by an Indian tech giant HCL Technologies shows that less than half of the businesses considering digital transformation are managing IT in-house. Remaining have either partnered with some technology expert or are relying on consultants.

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Important KPIs for the Telecom Industry

It doesn’t make sense for a business in today’s world to avoid data. In all cases, looking at additional information will allow for better decisions. Telecom companies can especially benefit from delving into certain KPIs.

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What Your Smartphone Can Do Will Shock You

The smartphone revolution seemed to happen right before our eyes! Just a few years ago we were texting with buttons and analog phones. We’ve now got supercomputers in our pockets. Smartphones have truly changed the world in every area of daily life! Bluetooth connectivity can control everything from coffee brewers to bedroom lights.

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Tips for increasing employee productivity

Unproductive employees are costing you money. Do you want to lose billions of dollars? Of course, you don’t. When it comes to changing the attitude of your staff members, you might want to consider the following suggestions.

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Health Advantages of Using Xyngular’s Xyng

Often, the overabundance of processed foods available means that people are missing out on important nutrients that their bodies require. For many consumers, these nutrients are either forgotten or consumed through natural supplements.

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