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Frugaa is a coupon search engine that provides the latest coupons & discounts for 4000+ retailers from almost all shopping categories like technology, home & decor, fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, food & beverages etc.

The history of coupons goes back to 1887 when an Atlanta businessman, Asa Candler, had the groundbreaking idea to create the first coupon.

Mr Candler, a founder and co-owner of The Coca-Cola Company, to attract customers, distributed hand-written tickets offering customers a free glass of Coca-Cola and we all know what the result was.

Since 1887 coupons have come a long way and there is hardly any business that does not use coupons to promote themselves or a product. Coupons have shown to be an effective way for consumers to save money and for businesses to encourage loyalty, a win win situation, that is why we are still using coupons after nearly fourteen decades.

There are lots of coupon sites, big and small, on the internet, most sites serve a special interest or mainly help save money on the day to day shopping. is one of these many sites but structured like a search engine, with access to discount coupons and promotions from thousands of retailers. There is hardly a retailer or category that you can not find here. If you do not know where to start you can narrow the choice by filtering your search according to category, retailer, product or by using the site’s budget calculator.

With the abundance of online retailers and constantly changing promotions, has done a good job in providing a manageable platform that helps find an appropriate bargain in between the over 40.000 active coupons that they host on their site every day.

For the frequent shopper also has a community with an integrated reward program, where you have several possibilities to gather points. The more points you have the higher your rank and at specific achievement levels you also receive rewards.

If you are into discount coupons, are looking for a way to save on the family budget or would like to keep an eye on your favorite online retailer for deals or promotions then it definitely won’t hurt to take a look at

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