The not so industrious ant

When thinking of ants, the first thing that comes to our mind, is their diligence and teamwork. We all know the stories of the hardworking ant and have seen them crawling along invisible mini-highways, tirelessly gathering food for their colonies, all working in near perfect harmony.

Researchers who were curious on how ants fill their day, observed a colony, over a two week period, using color marking and high-definition cameras. The observations showed that over two thirds of the ants only worked half of the time, some 25% didn’t work at all and only 3% worked all the time. Contrary to previous beliefs, the inactive ants were not just resting or working in shifts but were jobless and stayed inactive, some researchers believe they could be too young to work or retirees.

Apparently the government has been working like ants for a long time.  

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