EOLO will use Microwave Technology to boost Broadband Data Services

EOLO is a leading Ultra-Broadband provider in Italy. Using a capillary wireless transmission network, they have been able to offer, highly reliable and flexible, connections up to 1Gbps per user, to enterprises and residents alike. The reliability and speed of their networks has helped the company to  grow 30% last year, boosting their annual revenues up to 43.5 million €.

The company was looking for a wireless solution to expand and upgrade their current network, while maximizing the use of radio spectrum.They opted for the latest, impressive, microwave solutions from SIAE Microelettronica.

EOLO will use the AGS20, a split mount solution operating at 2048 QAM up to four carriers and the ALFOplus 2, allegedly the highest performing outdoor microwave radio system available, capable of offering up to 2x112MHz channels with a total throughput of 2.5GBs.

Comparing the numbers to my ADSL speed makes me quite jealous of the italians. The only microwave technology I will be using, in the next years, will be to heat my TV Dinner.

Randy Silver

Randy is a technology freak who loves music and movies. In his normal life, as he puts it, he consults companies on marketing and workflow optimization.


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