The 2016 BMW 7 series, a look at what's new

The competition in the luxury vehicle sector is hard, and engineers are having a tough job keeping up with the expectations of the cosseted clientele. The people at the Bavarian Motor Works have not revolutionized their flagship, but 'evolutionized' the new 7 series.

Remote Control Parking


One of the new gimmicks - great for showing off in front of friends – is the Remote Control Parking. You can jump out of the car and move it forward into, or reverse it out of, a garage or parking space using the remote control. You can switch the engine on, off, and then on again without having to get into the car. The whole procedure is monitored by the Park Distance Control, the Parking assistant and the Surround View sensors.



The Key

The BMW display key is also a cool gadget, worth showing off. The integrated touch display is used to control the remote parking and auxiliary heating. In addition, it displays the remaining fuel and current range, the status of the windows, glass roof and central locking systems, service notification and, if needed, the time.


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