Presidential inauguration streams live to iPhone

  • Washington (DC) - Tomorrow's Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama, an event of historic proportions by any merit, will be streamed live to iPhone and iPod touch users - thanks to Juicy Development's Talk Radio application. As the inauguration ceremony unfolds, iPhone and iPod touch users across the globe will be able to hear a live audio stream of the event. That is, provided there is public Wi-Fi hotspot coverage because carriers don't currently allow applications that stream audio over their cellular networks.

    Juicy Development's David Kyle said the company received "so many requests from customers that are going to be on the road or unable to access a television at work" that "we couldn't say no." Talk Radio is aimed at people on the go, especially truck drivers, vacationers or just about any iPhone or iPod touch user with a need of a little bit of entertainment and education content during travel. The application streams supported radio stations in real time.

    Paired with location-based features of the handset, Talk Radio takes the pain of searching for nearby programming, while a centralized database pushes new programs and stations out automatically. The application shows local station schedules, but users can tune in to live audio streams from the U.S.-based radio stations at any time.

    The only drawback stems from Apple's App Store agreement with carriers that it is Wi-Fi only connectivity. Thus, if you happen to find yourself in an area without public hotspot coverage, you will not be able to use the application. The luxury of hearing a live stream as Barack Obama becomes sworn as nation's first African American President will set you back $2.99, which is the price point set for Talk Radio.

    The inauguration ceremony of the 44th President of the U.S. is scheduled at the US Capitol tomorrow, January 20, at exactly noon EST. The nation's security agencies estimated inauguration of Barack Obama as the most demanding event ever (from a security perspective) in an entire human history.

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