2.93 GHz Core i7 Dual-socket Xeon X5570 breaks SAP records

  • Johan De Gelas at AnandTech is reporting on some published SAP Sales & Distribution 2 Tier benchmark numbers posted by HP and Fujitsu-Siemens. This apparently breaks an NDA and is the first evidence we've seen of Xeon-based CPUs based on the Core i7 microarchitecture. Previous consumer-targeted Core i7 products have also shown high relative performance levels to previous Core 2 products as well competing products from AMD.

    Compared to a quad-socket Xeon X7460 (24 cores) at 2.66 GHz, the dual-socket X5570 at 2.93 GHz with HT enabled (two fewer physical CPUs, but 16 virtual cores and 8 physical cores) came in just 3.2% behind at 25,000 (compared to X7460's 25,830). With HT disabled (comparing 8 physical cores to 24 cores) it came in slightly lower at 23,650, about 8.4% behind X7460.

    Read the full article at AnandTech.com.

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