Facebook Mobile grows to 15 million users

  • Facebook announced that it has seen the user base of it mobile site, m.facebook.com, climb from 5 million to 15 million since the beginning of this year. The most recent site change, allowing comments to be posted on status messages via cell phone, resulted in over 1 million mobile posts within the first 24 hours after launch.

    While these numbers are actually considered to be small in comparison to the total number of Facebook Users (more than 150 million), it is a giant step in mobile social networking. Currently Facebook is considered to have one of the most advanced mobile web site.
    Using Facebook via a mobile device is actually quite simple. Compared to many other social networking sites, Facebook has done a tremendous job allowing users to interact while on the go. Being able to comment from your phone, change your status, and see what your friends are up to, apparently has hit a nerve with Facebook users and seems t o be hinting at what we are likely to see in social networking sites in the future.