Alternative Car Expo – The Electrorides All-Electric Mini Cooper

  • Santa Monica (CA) – Want an all-electric car that will make the girls shout, “oh it’s so cute”? At the Alternative Car Expo in Santa Monica over the weekend, we spotted this very blue Mini Cooper that has been converted by Electrorides Inc out of Laguna Niguel California. The all-electric car can travel approximately 120 miles on a single charge and can reach 85 miles-per-hour. And this thing isn’t a slouch in the power department because it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 9 seconds.

    Tedd Abramson, CEO of Electrorides, told us his company converts Mini Coopers by ripping out the engine, transmission and other components. These are replaced by batteries, computers and cables. 10 lithium-ion packs are used and all the electrical gear makes the car weigh 75 lbs more than the stock weight.

    The batteries can withstand 2500 full discharge cycles before needing replacement. The back seats of the Mini Cooper have been removed to accommodate the battery packs (placed in the spare tire area). Fortunately, you can still put your groceries and luggage in the back.

    Abramson says the car is made for people who are “tired of filling up” at the pump and are mad at the "see-saw gasoline prices".

    The converted Mini Cooper is available now for $57,500.