Brits love Chrome?

  • Chicago (IL) - The new Google Chrome Web browser, which saw a quick spike in browser market share when it was first released before later settling in, apparently continues to do well at one particular and prominent Web site in the United Kingdom. This is from WebTrends, an online metrics firm.

    WebTrends reported that, in the third week since its debut, Google Chrome is the fourth most popular browser used by visitors to the web site of The Daily Telegraph, Britain's highest selling newspaper. Traffic to this Web site was certified as "nearly two percent" related to Chrome, topping Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and other browsers. WebTrends said it is "one of the first web analytics firms to incorporate Google Chrome" into "web analytics reports" so that "customers to report on visitors that use Chrome to access their web sites in the same way as other browsers."

    What is not quite clear here, though, is why this particular site is seeing an increase in Chrome traffic. Are people in the U.K. Becoming more Chrome happy then the rest of us?