iPhones, other smartphones take bigger piece of mobile pie

  • Chicago (IL) - The Apple iPhone continues to look as if it is coming on strong in the global mobile market, particularly when it comes to smartphones. This is among the key findings from the latest AdMob mobile metrics report. AdMob, reporting about global mobile traffic for August, said the iPhone showed a large growth in network traffic with more than 2.9 million requests per day.

    Smartphones, meanwhile, are gaining greater footholds in general, accounting for slightly over a quarter of traffic last month. This is up over three percent from May. The top five smartphones in the United States, said AdMob, include the BlackBerry Pearl, Palm Centro, BlackBerry Curve, Apple iPhone, and Samsung Instinct. These five phones alone generated nearly 13 percent of all US mobile traffic, Nokia, however, continues to lead the crowd globally with around 62 percent of worldwide smartphone traffic despite not having a top 20 ranked smartphone in the United States. RIM trails in second place worldwide with 10.8 percent of smartphone traffic with the large majority of that coming from North America, reflected by the fact it leads US smartphone traffic with around 31 percent. What reports like this seem to reflect of late is continued success for the Apple iPhone.

    The challenge for this product though may be continued perceptions on how seriously it can be taken as a business phone. You more often tend to see people listening to music or snapping photos with it then syncing schedules and accessing corporate networks. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync helps to make up for this though, making it a good step towards making it a more business-friendly phone.

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