Robots, toothbrush robots and remote controlled battle ships at the Maker Faire

  • San Francisco (CA) – In a meeting between traditional gadgetry and modern processors, the Maker Faire paid a visit to the Intel Developer Forum.  Eager inventors showed off their old pinball machines, robots and even remote controlled battleships that could fire pellets at 200 feet per second.  While much of this tech was old fashioned balsa wood, soldered metal and cheap plastic, attendees still marveled at the creativity.

    Ever wanted to pilot a battleship?   Well the folks at the Western Warship Combat Club have been doing this for years with balsa wood scale models that can fire ammunition at other models.  These guys take their ships and submarines into lakes and blow each other to smithereens.  A club rep told us that the large battleships can take up to one year to build, but the damage takes just a few days to patch up.