CDMA still has life left

  • Chicago (IL) -The battle for championship of telecommunications standards tied into wireless transmission of cellular data isn't quite over yet, according to a fresh research report. It reveals CDMA, through EVDO, continues to hold its own against newer, high speed technologies. ABI declared "CDMA is not dead yet," basing this on findings that EVDO Rev A subscribers "ramped up more than eightfold between Q2 2007 and Q2 2008."

    The United States and South Korea reportedly showed the highest growth rate, with worldwide subscriber numbers of EVDO Rev A forecast to exceed 54 million by 2013, while Rev B subscribers will also increase, to 25 million. In contrast, reported ABI, more than 31 million subscribers worldwide are already using HSDPA while 3.2 million subscribers were on HSUPA by the second quarter of this year.

    HSUPA subscribers are estimated to reach around 139 million in number by 2013, according to estimated calculations. LTE migration is not considered to be a major issue either. "HSPA+ will contest with LTE and mobile WiMAX in the mobile broadband space," said ABI Asia-Pacific vice president Jake Saunders. "The 100Mbps download data rate difference between LTE (20MHz) and HSPA+ may not attract mid-tier operators to migrate, as LTE is based on OFDM technology that requires new components, while a move to HSPA+ is perceived to be more gradual transition."