JetBlue to start charging for pillows and blankets

  • Long Beach (CA) – Budget air carrier JetBlue will now start charging for pillows and blankets on long-haul flights.  Like other airlines, JetBlue is struggling with high fuel costs and is now turning to “a la carte” pricing for some services.  Customers on flights longer than two hours will now have the option to buy a $7 travel kit that includes a pillow and blanket.

    Of course, this isn’t an ordinary blanket, no sir.  JetBlue has partnered up with CleanBrands to give “The World’s Cleanest Travel Pillow” using MicroOne technology that blocks and kills germs.  The pillow measures 10 by 12 inches and the blanket is 39 inches by 51 inches.

    The kit comes with a $5 off coupon to Bed, Bath & Beyond.