Nvidia interview – “E3 was a disaster … Nvision is the new E3”

  • Santa Clara (CA) – This week should be very exciting for PC gamers as Intel is publishing its Larrabee paper, detailing the upcoming x86-compatible cGPU, AMD is hosting its annual CTO Summit in Reykjavik (Iceland), while Nvidia is releasing its PhysX content pack.

    We're opening up the week with a two-part interview of Roy Taylor from Nvidia. Roy is the man behind Nvidia’s slogan of “The Way It’s Meant to Be Played” (TWIMTBP) and starts off with slamming the recently completed E3 games conference.  

    E3 is dead, Nvision is the new E3

    TG Daily: Roy, since Nvidia endorses or helps development of hundreds of game developing teams worldwide and even more titles, could you tell us a bit more what do you think about current format of E3?
    Roy: It was a disaster.

    TG Daily: Disaster?

    Riccitello [Vice President of Electronic Arts] was right. E3, the Show is dead. Most of the people I met didn't even go into the halls and the ones that went into the halls said that there was no one there.

    TG Daily: Basically, there was just one small pavilion, which used to be occupied by Lucas Arts.

    Roy: Well, it is a benefit of having everyone being at the same place at the same time.  But as an event, it was lousy. It was badly organized, badly managed… It's just… it's over. To me, I think that the event is over.

    TG Daily: So you think that old format was the best…?

    Roy: The original format went bust… two or three years ago (2006). It was very big and it was hard work. But it was a real show, and it was a stage for you to present what is coming up in the next year. It was an important event. Today, you know… all they did is handed it out to Nvision. Nvision is the new E3 and you can quote me on that. Old E3 was celebration of gaming, while this new E3 stopped being that. We feel that the time is right to offer gamers celebration of gaming once again.

    Nvision is scheduled for August 25 to 27 and it appears Nvidia is basically taking over all of downtown San Jose with an exhibition hall, huge LAN party, theatre and keynotes.  TGDaily will be giving you on the ground coverage from the show.
    Tomorrow, we’ll be publishing part two of the interview in which Roy explains why Nvidia PhysX will double PC game sales.