Cuil beats Google … in one key metric

  • Chicago (IL) – Cuil launched with a bang this week, but perhaps not quite the bang its creators had hoped for. While Cuil claims to host the largest search index of all search engines currently available, the service does not seem to be mature enough to be able to compete with established search engines. However, there was one key metric that appears to be already working for Cuil.

    According to market research firm Net Applications, Cuil had a market share of about 0.26% on its launch day. Within the first three days, interest in the service dropped significantly and was estimated at 0.09% by Thursday. These results are based on a survey of the browsing behavior of about 160 million users, Net Applications said.

    However, Cuil was able to beat Google in at least one key metric – the time a user spends on a site. Compared to Google’s average of 9.37 minutes, Cuil was estimated to keep the average user about 9.65 minutes on its site. Yahoo came in at 8.57 minutes.

    Since Cuil is new, the result is likely to show a common launch effect. While the result is impressive, users most likely have played with the service to find out what the search engine can offer, which may have lifted the spent time on site substantially above a real world value.