TGDaily founder delivers baby

  • Chicago (IL) - TGDaily founder, and editor in chief, Wolfgang Gruener, didn't exactly deliver his third son in the early hours of this morning, but he was very supportive, and was hoping for a Digg with the headline. Mother, and child are doing well. The staff at TGDaily would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Gruener family and appreciate that the boss won't be around much today so, they'll probably slip out the back door early today. To celebrate the birth, of course, in their own unique way, sleeping or drinking something greenish blue with their friends.

    While much of the birthing process is confined to the mother, the father plays an important role, too. He is free to pace aimlessly waiting for labor to bear fruit, and as many of you know, pacing relieves stress in so many ways.

    "I like to think that my wife was finding some comfort in my being able to break the tension and relieve the stress, even if it was only vicariously." Said the proud new father.

    "I even had a nice meal, and a glass of wine, hoping that she'd feel as satisfied as I was feeling at the time. Labor is tough, dude." He added.

    "Children are a joy, but this is my third child, and I am not quite sure how I will cope with having to wave to them occasionally from behind my computer screen. It seems like a lot of waving now. With two, I could knock off a few stories, and get in a few acknowledgements, but with three, I may have to use bigger words in my articles, sort of shorten the process so that I can have some extra waving time." Wolfgang went on to say, "Perhaps, if I just nodded quickly then, I could still write all my articles, and my kids would get their daily dose of me."

    Robots are apparently out of the question in the Gruener household, and no one else among the staff wants to put in Wolfgang's hours. We feel for him, but hey, we have lives, too. Aimless, meaningless, television filled lives. It'd be nice to have a girlfriend. But other than that, we're busy. We say, Nod away, Wolfie, and the kids will grow up just fine.