Futuristic concept cars can also be eco-friendly

  • Los Angeles (CA) – The Royal College of Art (RCA) in England has come up with several concept car designs that not only look great, but are also eco-friendly.  One car is made of nothing more than aerodynamic glass, while another resembled a split chassis red rocket.

    The cars have fuel efficient electric engines, and are composed of materials that are ultra-light, and even function with driver-less navigation systems; the RCA’s 2008 line of concept cars is quite amazing and intriguing.

    These concept vehicles are based upon RCA’s amazing world-renowned vehicle design program that has produced amazing designs and designers over the past 40 years in existence. Currently almost every major automobile manufacturer is announcing plans for vehicles that are energy-efficient.

    The Pierre Sabas Airflow concept works by encasing an electric engine and suspension. The exterior is made of all glass. Jon Radbrinks Nuaero’s car utilizes sophisticated aerodynamic principles like airfoils, a catamaran-esque underbody, and a venture tunnel designed to maximize the vehicles efficiency.

    Sergio Loureiro Da Silva has designed a rocket-red Phoenix car which has great aerodynamic curves and a regenerative braking system. Another designer, Arturo Peralta Nogueras, has come up with a futuristic vehicle that runs on algae and features an evolving solid hologram technology that adapts to passengers, environment and day to day scenarios.