Social networking pictures come back to haunt drunk drivers

  • Los Angeles (CA) – Social networking sites are great for posting party pictures, but some of those pictures have come back to haunt two drunk drivers.  In an Associated Press article, these drunk drivers took unrepentant pictures after their crashes and received two years in prison.

    20-year-old college junior Joshua Lipton was charged with drunken driving after he crashed his car and seriously wounded a woman.  After the crash, Lipton attended a Halloween party and was photographed wearing a prison jumpsuit and having a grand old time.  The prosecutor in the case found the pictures on Facebook and the sentenced Lipton to two years in prison.

    In another case, Lara Buys was found guilty of drunken driving after she crashed her car near Santa Barbara California.  The crash killed her passenger, but that didn’t stop her from posting pictures of herself holding a glass of wine and joking about alcoholism.  Buys pled guilty and the prosecutor was willing to give just probation, but after finding the pictures on MySpace,  he recommended two years in prison – something which the jury and the judge agreed.