Floridians concerned about effects of global warming

  • A survey was conducted by researchers at Yale University and the University of Miami claims that most Floridians “are convinced that global warming is happening now and that more should be done by key leaders to help Florida deal with climate change.”

    The online survey conducted among 1077 adults found that 71% of Floridians believe that global warming is “happening” and 55% are convinced that it is caused mainly by human activities. 65% think that global warming already has or will have dangerous impacts on people in Florida within the next 10 years. 80% expressed concern that global warming will cause worse storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and water shortages while 68% pointed to flooding of major cities, 64% to less tourism and 57% to increased rates of disease.

    As a result, there seems to be growing support for green technologies and a more environmentally-focused government. 65% support requiring electric utilities to produce at least 20% of their electricity from wind (even if that would cost a household an extra $100 per year), 65% support a state subsidy to encourage building owners to replace old air conditioners, light bulbs, and insulation and 63% support the installation of solar panels on state-owned buildings.

    It is interesting to note that, according to Brookings’ per-capita carbon footprint ranking of 100 metropolitan areas in the U.S. , Florida has been listed as the state with an above average carbon footprint.  Five metropolitan areas in Florida are listed in the bottom half of the ranking, which was topped only by Ohio with six areas. Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice came in at #81, Jacksonville at #80, Cape Coral/Fort Myers at #70 and Palm Bay/Titusville at #59 and Orlando at #54. Only Miami/Fort Lauderdale was mentioned in the top half at #28.