Life auctioneer says most bids have been made by “idiots”

  • Perth (Australia) – Ian Usher, the infamous Perth man who is trying to sell his life on eBay, is having trouble with people placing false bids.  After the week-long auction started last Sunday, bidding immediately exceeded $620,000, but Usher deleted several bids after he discovered they were made in bad faith.  Usher had planned on raising between $450,000 to $500,000, but now he admits that he’s “beyond worried at this point”.

    We wrote about Usher just a few days ago.  After a bitter separation from his partner, he decided to sell all of his worldly possessions including his house, vehicles and even his entertainment system.  Usher also promises to introduce the winner to his friends and to top it all off offer a two-week stint at the local rug store (something which could turn into a full-time job if the owners approve).  Usher says he’s placed a very reasonable reserve price on the eBay auction, but declines to be specific about the amount.

    Bidding started out brisk and according to the AFP, Usher was sipping champagne the first night after the auction went live.  However Usher’s hopes would be dashed the next day after he called the bidders to confirm their identity.  In an interview with the AFP, he says many of the bidders were kids and others had many excuses as to why they couldn’t pay.  He called the bidders, “idiots, absolute idiots”.

    Usher deleted several of those bids and the price currently stands at just over $300,000 which is not even enough to pay for the $400,000 house, let alone all the possessions inside.  Despite the difficulties, he says he’ll continue with the auction, but ominously adds, “I’m beyond worried at this point.”

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