Steve Jobs suffering from a ‘bug’

  • Cupertino (CA) – Some people thought Apple’s Steve Jobs looked a bit sickly during his keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday and now it appears they were right.  Apple officials say Jobs is suffering from a ‘common bug’, but that he’s getting better thanks to some antibiotics.

    On Monday, Steve Jobs announced the upcoming versions of the iPhone which supports faster 3G wireless networks.  Several major news sites and blogs, including the Drudge Report and the Wall Street Journal commented afterwards that Jobs looked a bit gaunt.  Others commented that it was probably the camera angle.  You can take a look at the Wall Street Journal post here to decide for yourself.

    Back in 2004, Jobs announced that he had pancreatic cancer.  This news spooked Apple fans and investors alike because the sickness was hidden from the public for nearly a year.  Few companies are as joined to the hip as Apple and Jobs and there is concern that the company could go into a tailspin if something were to happen to the keeper of the black turtleneck.