Alaska Space Grant balloon delivers images from 18 miles above the ground

  • The Balloon Experiment And Research Program (BEAR) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks recently launched its first high-altitude balloon equipped with two amateur radio signals. The balloon climbed to an altitude of 95,327 feet (more than 18 miles/29 km) above Fairbanks in three hours. On-board cameras delivered more than 100 fascinating images and video during the flight. The balloon landed found less than seven miles from where it was launched at Poker Flat Research Range.


    The Alaska Space Grant Program said it intends to expand BEAR into a larger program that will allow University of Alaska Fairbanks students the opportunity to fly payloads of their own design, and to conduct atmospheric research in the spring and fall. A presentation of the first flight is scheduled to be given by former Alaska Space Grant Director Neal Brown at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus on June 6.