Indy 500 drivers upset about high gas prices (not really)

  • It seems that every time you turn around, every time a Goldman Sachs analyst raises the target price for a barrel of oil and every time someone talks about the chance of a Hurricane, your local gas station flips a switch and increases the per-gallon gas price by 10 cents these days. I came across this rather hilarious post “Indy 500 Drivers Upset: Gas Prices Rose 3 Times During Race“ earlier today, outlining the frustration about gas prices many of us are going through today. Perhaps by accident, this story also implies that especially those who are not driving the most gas-efficient vehicles are impacted the most and are the first to complain.

    So, I wonder, what are you doing to reduce your gas/energy bill? Send us your idea through the contact form – we will run a follow-up articles with the best ideas.

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