US IT workers becoming fatties

  • Chicago (IL) – American IT workers have horrible eating habits and a new survey shows that most of them gain weight. polled 7700 workers from Feb 11 to March 13 and found that 34 percent said they gained more than 10 pounds while 17% went all out and gained 20 pounds while working in the field.

    Of course eating habits had a huge impact on this and 38% said they ate out at least twice a week with co-workers.  Sadly, 11% said they buy their lunch from vending machines at least once a week.

    I used to work at NetZero (remember those guys) during the height of the Dot-Com Boom and trust me I know what these guys are going through.  We had vending machines stocked to the brim with chips, cookies and soda.  Everything was free, so all you had to do was punch a bunch of buttons and your horribly unhealthy lunch would appear.

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