Poker site demanding repayment after gambling glitch

  • London (England) - Online gambling site Betfair has issued notices to several users demanding they give back winnings that were paid out as a result of a glitch.

    According to media reports, as much as $200,000 was paid out illegitimately to players of the site's Texas Hold 'Em game.  A glitch in the system caused caused people with losing hands to receive cash prizes.  When multiple players made an "all in" bet, they all received the award for coming in second place, regardless of how they actually scored.

    The glitch made its way around online gambling communities and within hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars was doled out to people with losing hands.  Betfair quickly fixed the problem, and then sent out e-mail notices to everyone involved.

    In the e-mail, the site tells the player to give back the total amount of money it deems was paid out illegitimately.  It also threatens to bring in legal action if users don't comply.  An estimated 20 players exploited the glitch.

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