Comcast launches free on demand video website

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Heroes, CSI, House, Family Guy, and more are now just a click away thanks a new site launched today by Comcast.

    Comcast launched the new service while at CES in Las Vegas.  It's called Fancast, and it already features full episodes of shows from CBS, NBC, Fox, MTV, and BET, among others.

    It's the latest entry into the expanding world of online video, further creating a blur between TV and Internet.  One feature unique to Fancast, though, is that it also contains TV listings for every show, not just the ones featured in its on-demand library.

    It goes even further than that, also bringing up search results of DVD releases and other on-demand availability.  Comcast says they have this info for every provider in the US.

    CBS, NBC, and Fox already have content on Hulu, a similar site they jointly created and of which they have equal sponsorship.  In fact, all content from these networks on Fancast is just carried over from Hulu.  However, Hulu is in a somewhat closed beta stage right now, and only US users can access it.  Fancast is open to the entire World Wide Web.

    Users can view videos now at