Canada's RIAA rejects $5/month fee per Internet user for unlimited access to all copyrighted music

  • Canada - The Canadian Record Industry Association (CRIA), Canada's equivalent of the US's RIAA, has rejected a proposal that would've tacked on an additional $5 per Internet account per month to generate revenue for that industry.  The additional revenue would've given all paying users unlimited access to copyrighted music, and would've been distributed to labels, artists, producers and everyone involved in the music pipeline.  The Internet users could download and exchange music freely with other fee-paying users, thereby getting around the P2P block seen today.

    The plan was created by The Songwriters Association of Canada, and presented to the CRIA, the Canadian Independent Record Production Association, and other publishing groups.  It is estimated that it would've raised $1 billion per year.  The CRIA president, Graham Henderson, said, "We don't want to pursue what amounts to a pipe dream that is presented as a quick fix.  We'll lose focus on the real issues that will help us resolve the industry's problem."

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