CES: The time has come for 3D Web browsing

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Just in time for CES, Internet start-up SpaceTime has launched the first official version of its "3D Web browser", which lets users manipulate their Internet surfing experience in a completely new way.

    Imagine a Web browser where, when you do a Google search, instead of receiving a text list of sites, you get a dozen or so visual previews of matching websites on one screen without needing to scroll through them.

    That's the main appeal behind SpaceTime's new self-titled browser.  The same concept applies to image searching and even Ebay - type in what you want and receive pictures of several top results instantaneously.

    Additionally, SpaceTime allows users to create multiple tabs, and have them in the background and all time for easy toggling back and forth and so you remember exactly which sites you have opened.

    The "3D" part, though, comes with the ability to manipulate any Web page.  You can zoom in and out, pan across in all directions, and even flip the Internet window as though it was a three-dimensional card.  Through integrated browser buttons, you can also save a snapshot of your Internet workspace at any time, and have it restore any previously saved session.

    "We hope to dynamically change the way people use the Web," said SpaceTime CEO Edward Bakhas in a statement released during CES.  Users can download version 1.0 of the SpaceTime browser at spacetime.com.