A CES nightmare: Internet service down for hours

  • Las Vegas (NV) - On the biggest day of the biggest trade show in the world, there was a major headache in the form of no Internet in the press room for multiple hours.

    Right smack in the middle of the day, we were caught off guard when in the middle of uploading a story, we continued to receive error messages.  It turns out a major problem occurred in the system that powers Web access to the dozens of computers and Ethernet cables spread throughout the massive press room in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    A couple hours later, the problem was still unresolved, and any newcomers to the room were greeted with the bad news.  At one point, we ended up just taking the always overly-crowded shuttle to the Sands Expo center, the other official CES site.  There were no problems at the Sands press room.

    For such a huge technology show, CES seems to have trouble getting its own technology in working order.  Last year for the first day, attendees were forced to pay as much as $400 for Wi-Fi access.