Sony to distribute DRM-free songs

  • New York (NY) – Yes, even we thought it might never happen, but Sony BMG has apparently waved the white surrender flag on DRM and plans on distributing a portion of its music collection as DRM-free songs.  According to Business Week, Sony has been testing out DRM-free songs for several months and plans on doing a major rollout starting with next month’s Super Bowl.

    On February 3rd, Sony plans on giving away a huge collection of songs – part of 1 billion songs total – when it participates in a big Super Bowl event with Pepsi.  For most of 2007, Sony has also been giving away promotional DRM-free clips of songs that have sold less than 100,000 units.

    Sony hasn’t announced if or when it will make its entire collection DRM-free, but this is at least a good start for anti-DRM groups.  Sony’s move follows similar DRM-free campaigns by the other three major record labels; Warner Music, EMI and Vivendi.  Those three companies all embraced DRM-free music in 2007.

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