Intel calls it quits on "One Laptop Per Child" program

  • New York (NY) - Intel has asked OLPC to be pulled out of the philanthropic initiative, after the company began to branch off into other similar projects.

    According to Intel spokesperson Chuck Mulloy, the OLPC group wanted Intel to remain exclusive to the main OLPC computer and not get involved with other systems, such as the Classmate PC.  

    Intel introduced the Classmate late last year, in its own push to bring computers to children in third-world countries.  "We've always said there will be many solutions. The most important priority is to serve the need," said Mulloy.

    However, OLPC "wanted us to focus our support exclusively on the OLPC system," he said.  The decision to pull out of OLPC came after six months of discussions between the two organizations.

    OLPC is a program that aims to bring laptops to under-priveleged children.  The program had originally intended to deliver the computers at $100 each, but rising costs bumped that up to around $200.

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