Notebook makers look to have 4GB RAM next year

  • Taipei (Taiwan) - Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba are planning to introduce notebooks which come standard with 4GB of memory next year.  According to the report, this is being done in an attempt to boost the DRAM industry, which is suffering significant losses due to component memory chips being sold below production costs at the present time.  A 4GB DRAM requires 32 1Gbit component chips, as opposed to only eight for a 1GB DRAM module.

    According to Digitimes, 1GB DRAM modules now cost $16.  2GB modules will drop to $60 in Q1 2008.  A 4GB DRAM module will only account for 6% of the total cost of a notebook, which is notably lower than the 10% premium memory consumed in the past.

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