Airbus A380 returns to LAX, ancient law prohibits rides for politicians

  • Los Angeles (CA) – The massive Airbus A380 has returned to the Los Angeles International Airport, but local politicians won’t be getting any free rides thanks to a nearly hundred-year-old law.  Airbus, Qantas and the Los Angeles World Airport Authority will be offering free 90 minute rides on the super jumbo jet in the coming days to business leaders, journalists and anyone who can con – err convince – organizers that they deserve a ride.

    Earlier in the year, Airbus and Qantas promised a ride to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the city council, but city attorneys have said this would violate an obscure law crafted in the 1900s that prohibit politicians from getting free travel.  The law was originally enacted to prevent railroad companies from giving out free tickets in exchange for preferential treatment.

    Los Angeles International Airport is spending more than $121 million dollars in upgrades for the Tom Bradley International Terminal.  Double decker sky bridges are being installed to help offload passengers from the huge A380.

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