Asus releases 4G sub-sub-notebook to western world, the Eee PC 701

  • Register Hardware's Tony Smith was able to give the world a glimpse of the the western civilization's first commercial offering of the Asus Eee PC.  It's a 4G sub-sub-notebook, weighing 890 grams, or just under 2 lbs.  It has 3.5 hours of battery life, runs Xandros Linux, comes with 512 MB of RAM, an 802.11b/g, SD/SDHC/MMC card slots, Sony memory stick, three USB ports, VGA output, 10/100 Ethernet, modem, mic and headphone audio ports.

    It has a 7" Active Matrix TFT 800 x 480 screen with speakers on the side, providing a 16:10 aspect ratio.  It also has a built-in 0.3 megapixel (640 x 480) webcam camera and microphone.  It measures 8.86" wide, 6.3" deep and 1.3" high.  It comes with a 4 GB SSD storage device, which 2.9 GB are consumed by the OS.  The machine is powered by a 900 MHz Intel Celeron-M 353 on an Intel 915GM Express chipset on a 400 MHz FSB, with PCI-e x16 video bus powering Intel's Graphics Media Accelerator 900 with 224 MB of shared video memory.

    It comes with standard Linux apps, including web mail, internet browser, iGoogle, IM client, Skype, and several other shortcut links.  Costing US$399, or about 220 British Pounds, the Eee PC 701 is available for sale at and ZipZoomfly.  It comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

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